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It is here you will find information on how to build your own board, history on this great sport, lingo-board descriptions & tips and tricks about everything longboard.

It’s our number one goal that the stuff you’ll find here at this site will point you in the right direction of finding exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s for replacement parts, accessories like grip tape & stickers, or just a whole new board – you’ll find it here!

We’ll show you how to build your own board.  We’ll give you reviews on products so you don’t blow your money on useless junk.  What makes one set of wheels better than another?  (They’re all round, right?)  What’s a truck and what’s it doing on my board?  (And if it IS a truck, why isn’t my board broken to pieces now?)

Longboarding’s history is very interesting. We will elaborate on where/when/why/& how it came to be, plus some additional information on the history of this sport. Also, for the full story on this activity check out “Lords of Dogtown” the 2005 movie directed by: Catherine Hardwicke.

We know not everyone knows the “lingo” pertaining to the world of longboard skateboarding.  In our Lingo area, we’ll explain the meanings of things like, Downhill Skateboarding, Coleman Slide, Slalom, Downhill Racing, Trucks, Decks, & Wheels etc. so the first time you go boarding with your friends they won’t think you’re stupid.

We also want to tell you about nifty little things that you can find online, as well as posted here.  Sometimes you just gotta see what is happening out there ..

We’ll also tell you how to be as safe as possible.  Chances are that eventually you will crash so in our First Aid section, we’ll show you how to survive, we’ll give you tips on how to fall and where to fall.  If the crash is worse than just a scrape or a bruise, there are first aid tips to get you back on the streets as soon as possible.  We’ll give some and point you towards a few sites that know more than we do – we aren’t doctors you know…

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It’s definitely hard to pass a site like this up.  So many different types of longboards and accessories are what make this such a strong site for your searching needs.  Be sure to check back often for things such as longboard skateboards, we will keep you up to date on all the new stuff that’s just been hitting the market.  We don’t just offer the board, but will offer everything including longboard decks.  We are connected to so many different brands of these you will not believe your eyes and we guarantee you that you will be satisfied with what you find.  Our site branches off into so many others that there is no possible way that you could ever be dissatisfied.  Diversity is very important and that is why we also have product like a skateboard deck.  This is ideal for different types of riding and is definitely an awesome form of entertainment also.  With this there is a lot more than just riding that comes into play, you are going to have different accessories, and there are plenty of tutorials here telling you what to look out for and how to assemble your finds.  As well as this different type of boarding there is also such thing as a longboard surfboard, these are a ton of fun too.  Many different skateboard stores will give you lots of falsle information.  However, we guarantee that what you find here is accurate and useful info.  We won’t steer you in the wrong direction with bad recommendations.

Having a complete longboard is something that will give you, or someone you know endless amounts of joy.  These aren’t only good for just cruising around but for sport as well.  The longboard sport industry is booming right now and is also a ton of fun.  Carving and cruising gives you such a rush and we urge you to get going and start your search for the perfect set of skateboard wheels, etc.  It is a necessity to have a complete set up for full enjoyment purposes.  We will also teach you how to ride your board if you are kind of a new rider with our many different pages on tutorials.  In our longboard tips section we will explain to you everything you could ever need to know about how to ride and stay on.  Proper safety equipment is good to have also.  Nobody wants to end up in the hospital with a cracked open skull. With this we have a very thoroughly engineered safety precautions section.  As the page is coming to a close once again we advise you to keep coming back and checking for more updates periodically throughout your week for the best results.  Our site is updated a lot and it will definitely keep you on top of the longboarding world.  So, if you want the best in everything that is anything make sure that you are constantly coming back here and don’t be afraid to recommend us to some of your friends either.  Our sources are completely packed to the brim and are totally ready for you and your friends to start your mad purchases.

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