RSFCI - Red Spray First Contact International Kit
RSFCI - Red Spray First Contact International Kit
Our Price: $332.00

Product Code: RSFCI

The Red Spray First Contact International Kit contains spray formula polymer for medium to large size substrates.

Kit includes:
10 x 29 ml Red Spray First Contact Polymer
1 x 29 ml Red First Contact Thinner for clean-up of spray heads
30 peel tabs
80 ml spray bottle sprayer
2 x 80 ml Spray Bottle spray heads
Sample of FCUF (floss) and FCNet (chemically inert mesh)

This kit contains sufficient spray formula polymer to clean approximately 750in2 (4,800cm2) of surface area

For mounted mirrors, refractor objectives, and corrector plates we suggest purchasing our chemically inert mesh (FCNet) for easier film removal. Eyepieces and objectives demand FCNet or FCUF unwaxed dental floss.

Do you suspect water spots on your optics? Use this spray polymer in conjunction with water spot pretreatment to remove water spots! Watch this YouTube video or others on our channel on how to use pretreatment in conjunction with the polymer.