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First Contact™ Polymer is the world's first strip coat cleaner that safely cleans coated laser optics. First Contact follows surface contours, dissolves organic contaminants, and encapsulates particulates as it dries to a robust film. Peeling the polymer film renders the surface pristinely clean!


  • Cleans contaminants and nano-particulates from precision optics
  • Removes fingerprints
  • Leaves no residue
  • Removes residue from other cleaning processes
  • Leaves optical thin films intact on optics, mirrors, and diffraction gratings
  • Physically protects optics from airborne contaminants and accidental contact


The polymers in First Contact have been tested and evaluated by independent laboratories using many techniques. Review the following documents with laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) test results and additional data:

LIDARIS LIDT Test ResultsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSPIE LIDT Report